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Cookies are data that is sent from a website and stored in the memory of your browser. Cookies may be required to allow a website to function properly, as websites are stateless (they do not remember user information from one internal page to another), but are sometimes used to track user actions within a website or on various websites to collect usage information or identify interests and map behavior to be able to offer relevant ads. When websites use the CookieHub widget, they offer you the option to allow or deny certain categories of cookies that help protect your privacy. Below is a description of the most common cookie categories.

Necessary cookies

The necessary cookies are used for a website to function properly, they are generally not used for monitoring and are not shared between the websites. The most common necessary action that is performed using a cookie is user authentication. When you log in to any website, a cookie is stored in your browser that includes some data used by the web to remember who authenticates when you go to another internal page or update the site. Cookies are also used to let a website know what is in your shopping cart, store user settings and more.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are not necessary, but are used to collect valuable information about how a website is being used, identify problems, and discover what needs to be improved on the site and what content is useful. The information collected is in most cases anonymous, but some analytics services collect information that can be used to identify the user.